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The Blaze - Yes, Republicans Can Drive Hybrids

My latest column showcases the opportunity for conservatives to help protect the free market by embracing simple, voluntary efforts to safeguard the envrionment. It's Conservative to drive a hybrid.  Read the Piece Here.  Tweet. Like. Post.  Enjoy!!

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Breitbart - The Most Dangerous Man in New York

Bill De Blasio: The Most Dangerous Man In New York City by David Webb and Thomas J. Basile29 Aug 2013 When people think about New York City, they think about America –the great melting pot, center of innovation, communication, arts and finance.  Many also think about true blue Democratic politics going back to the days of Tammany Hall and a chicken in every pot.  Fact is no registered Democrat has won City Hall in the Big Apple since 1989.  The results…

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Real Immigration Reform

We are a nation of immigrants.  We always should be.  This nation was built into the greatest civilization in the history of the world because people from other places came to our shores in search of a better life.  That must be the motivating factor behind immigration reform.  Unfortunately what we have from both sides is a disingenuous effort to reform the process based not on a want to make life easier or better for anyone, but blatant political maneuvering.  The…

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New York's Corruption Mess: An Opportunity for Reform

If I have the numbers correct, this week marked the 30th time in recent history that a New York politician was indicted for corruption.  Actually, this week one state senator, two members of the State Assembly, one city councilman and two GOP party officials hit the rocks as part of a wide-ranging Federal investigation.  It's a tragedy - not just for their families - not just for their parties - but more importantly for all New Yorkers.  Both the Republican and Democrat parties…

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Interview with NRA Radio

Check out my recent interview about how to reduce gun violence on NRA Radio. While I haven't been a big fan of the way the NRA has handled the aftermath of Newtown, this was a good discussion about trying to solve the problem by linking the issues of the economy and dependency to gun violence - Listen and watch HERE.

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An Historic Day in the Life of a Church

We live in interesting times.  Through the power of technology we see, hear and even participate in the making of history.  Some of these moments, like 9/11 rock us to the core of our souls.  Others are inspiring or uplifting.  Within the next few hours, we will witness something that hasn't happened since before Columbus discovered America - the abdication of a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  This matters to members of the faith, but it also matters to those of…

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A Matter of Definition

I'll be writing more on this in the coming days, but it is striking to me how one-sided American politics has become.  Democracy is about tension.  It's not a bad tension.  People in a free society have differing views and they express them.  They have certain likes and dislikes.  They have differing world views.  They all come together to run a government that they hope will take into account their views.  That's the tension.  But we've come to a point…

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Another Awful Week for the GOP

Between the failure of the GOP House Majority to act on Plan B before leaving for the Christmas break and the NRA's disaster of a press conference in response to Newtown, this week makes one wonder if the GOP is totally off the rails.  First, the so-called fiscal cliff.  I say so-called because if it were a real cliff, it would be the last one we'd face.  But with the meager spending cuts proposed, the lack of courage on entitlement reform and the new spending in all of the…

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Self Control on a Day of the Unthinkable

As we all pray for those impacted by the unspeakable tragedy unfolding in Connecticut, let's also hope that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum and the media will demonstrate a degree of decorum during this time.  What's not helpful is a lot of political talk charging the policy of one side or the other for what happened in Newtown.  All too often when something like this happens, people rush to place blame or suggest that if one thing or another were done, this horrific…

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The Hidden Romney

It's been a week since the 2012 mercifully came to a conclusion.  While the so-called conservative movement, the tea party, the remnants of the so-called Republican Party and stunned voters everywhere point fingers at each other over a thumping defeat, I think it important to touch on perhaps the single most important reason for the demise of the Romney effort.  For all the well-deserved criticism of wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on mediocre television commnercials and not…

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