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Update on Tough Sell: Fighting the Media War in Iraq

  Just a quick update on the progress of my new book,Tough Sell: Fighting the Media War in Iraq with a Foreword by Ambassador John R. Bolton. I've just been informed by Potomac Books that it's going to print and will be in stores and available online at the beginning of March.  Stay tuned! It will be an exciting Spring of book signings, events and interviews. 

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Basile interview with Joe Piscopo at Trump HQ

Piscopo and Basile discussing Trump's appeal.

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Tom Basile at Trump HQ Reporting for SiriusXM

Excitement building as Florida is called for Trump.

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CTV Morning Show Appearance Live from Time Square

Morning after the political earthquake of the century. Watch the clip HERE

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Basile on Live from the Republican National Convention

Watch HERE.

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NY Post - Basile: De Blasio's Corrupt Bid to Rule the Suburbs

My latest piece in the NY Post hits not just the Mayor but legislators who are beholden to New York City interests instead of the needs of high-tax areas like the Hudson Valley.  Enjoy.  Read the piece and share HERE.

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In Nobody We Trust

The American Press Institute released a survey last week that showed only 6% of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the news media. It’s a new low. The same news media that has worked so hard to drive skepticism of government and often pounding criticism of organized religion is now experiencing a boomerang effect. The damage being done to the newsroom and beyond is proving extensive. Read the piece HERE.

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Some Quick Advice for GOP Candidates (Except Trump)

For weeks, Republican presidential hopefuls with solid records, name identification and proven political prowess have struggled to get attention and grab votes in this early stage of the campaign.  The biggest reason of course is what I like to call the Donald Trump Show.  Political consultants in big leather armchairs have been sitting around dismissing The Donald for his quick temper, unscripted messaging, and arrogant demeanor.  What they refuse to acknowledge is that at least…

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CPAC Analysis Liberals Don't Want You to Read

This year's Conservative Political Action Conference was by all accounts an unusual affair.  Why? Because the pundits and talking heads had quite a hard time painting the gathering of more than 11,000 conservative activists as nothing more than a four-day rally of Bible-thumping, right wing nuts.  CPAC 2015 demonstrated that freedom-minded Americans are ready to take on the left in 2016.  Sure there was Ted Cruz screaming into the microphone giving the audience nothing but red…

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Another Class Warfare State of the Union

The average American has between $0 and $10,000 in savings.  Taxing the so-called rich won't solve that problem.  Of course, President Obama knows this.  He knows his massive tax increase won't pass.  It's pur political theater tonight for a President who figured out long ago, he really doesn't need a legislative agenda.  Read More Here.

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