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Forbes - Pope Francis' John Paul II Moment

With the rise of ISIL and growing unrest in the middle east, Pope Francis has his John Paul II moment with respect to religious freedom. Let's hope the Vatican can lead timid and rudderless Western leaders toward a freer world. Read the piece HERE. 

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Forbes - Five Lessons Politicians Can Learn from Derek Jeter

My latest for Forbes bridges the gap between politics and sports in a way that could just help give us a government people could respect again.  But only if our so-called leaders will take a lesson from Derek Jeter.  Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes - The GOP's Un-Candidates

My latest for Forbes uncovers the smart, low-key strategy of the real frontrunners for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.  Careful to not look too ambitious, too calculating and too political, the Republicans' deep bench is more than the few names out there early.  READ THE PIECE HERE.

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Forbes - Obama's Weaponization of Government

Barack Obama's aggressive use of executive power should be a concern for every American.  It's time we woke up and realized that through the use of a host of Executive agencies, programs and bureaus we've never heard of, the President is waging a war on freedom.  Read the article HERE.

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Breitbart - It's Time for Conservatives to Embrace Choice

My latest column is rattling quite a few cages - but should it?  It's time "choice" became our barometer for how we judge government policy.  Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes - Duck Dynasty Controversy Should Have Us Talking More Politics and Religion at the Table

This Christmas try it.  Try having a civil discussion about the issues we face as a nation.  Try disagreeing without automatically believing someone is an idiot or questioning their patriotism.  At a time when, according to Gallup, 72% of Americans view big government as the greatest threat to America’s future, a good robust discussion about how to craft that future is more vital than ever before.  Read the whole article HERE.

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Forbes - Bill Clinton Feels Obama's Pain and He's Loving It

Hope you enjoy my latest for Forbes on what I'm calling the 'sweet revenge of Bill Clinton.'  Clinton's comments about the President's health plan telegraph a lot more about the future for him, Hillary and the Democratic Party. GOP beware.  Read the whole piece HERE.

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Big Government - Small Victory Shows Potential for GOP with Union Voters

My latest column for Breitbart's Big Government takes a look at the potential for pro-growth, free market fiscal conservatives to reach trades union members who are still struggling to find work.  The GOP has an opportunity to recast its messaging to appeal to these small business owners and skilled laborers who appreciate that bigger government means less work for them.  Read the piece HERE.

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Epic Times - The GOP Hasn't Shown Up

My latest column for Epic Times is up and encourages the rudderless GOP to SHOW UP and actually get to work crafting a discernable agenda that produces results for a broad spectrum of constituencies.  Obama's numbers on the economy are in the mid 30's.  This provides an enormous opportunity for the pro-growth party to actually put forth a coherent vision.  Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes - Weiner is the New Kardashian

Political reporting has hit rock bottom as Anthony Weiner hijacks the political coverage of the NYC mayor's race.  What does this mean for the future of political reporting?  The dumbing down of American political discourse continues.  Read the piece HERE.  Thanks for tweeting, forwarding, posting etc.

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