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Forbes: American Climate Change is Real and Damaging

America is cooling.  The 2016 election and the reaction to President Trump is the most striking proof yet. Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes: Trump Can Advance UN Reform in Wake of Obama's Anti-Israel Stunt

With outcry over Obama's parting slap at Israel in the UN Security Council, he hands incoming President Trump perhaps the best opportunity in decades to force reform of the world body.  Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes: The Real 'Fake News' is the Mainstream Media

It's been a month since the election and the media have been transparent about their strategy to de-legitimize President-elect Trump. Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes: Our Wonderfully Terrible Election Comes to an End

Folks are exhausted.  It's been long.  It's been brutal.  It's been wonderfully terrible - and there's reason to celebrate America.  Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes: Trump, Clinton Severing the Head of American Politics

GOP candidates are freaking out about Trump - but they should be worrying about their own races. Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes: A Letter to My Daughter this Election Year About Female Role Models

Sometimes we’re so anxious to write history that we compromise our values or create narratives that fit the facts as we wish they were.  When we all allow that to happen we risk creating undeserving heroes. Read the whole letter HERE.

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Forbes: What Obama Should Have Said Following the Orlando Massacre

My latest for Forbes re-writes the President's tepid comments following the Orlando terror attack.  Instead of a speech dripping with political correctness, pandering and his political agenda he could have given us this. Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes: Trump, Clinton and Protecting the Presidency

So much of our national identity is wrapped up in the presidency. It is a barometer for our times. Perhaps it's time to move beyond Trump and Clinton and view our choice this year through the lens of who would best protect the institution.  Read the piece HERE.

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Forbes: In 2016, All Parties Getting What They Deserve

There’s a great deal of uncertainty in the campaign at this point and it has placed many Americans in a state of political limbo. One thing is for certain. What we’re seeing is the result of decades of failure from both major parties at the national level. Read the piece on Forbes Opinion here.

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Why the GOP is Already Losing the Scalia Replacement Fight

Leave it to Senate Republicans to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and hand Obama his first victory in the fight to appoint a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  Read my latest for Forbes HERE.

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